Company History


Since TASUMA was founded in 1983, contract work has been successfully completed for a large number of companies. Export contracts have also been completed for several major nations.

The company founder and managing director, William Longley, has been a pilot of RPVs for over 24 years, during which time, as well as founding TASUMA, he was on the council and technology committee of the British Model Flying Association.

In 1965, William founded the racing car company Dulon, and with business partner Andy Duncan he established Maxperenco Products Limited, to build Formula Ford cars as well as later Formula 5000 and racing sports cars for international group 6 category racing. A Dulon type LD9 won all of the category championships in 1972/73, driven by Ian Taylor. In later years, he designed and built racing cars under the trade name of Viking.

He previously also worked at the Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment near Oxford, as well as at CERN Geneva, where he was involved with high energy physics experiments.

Assisting in the running of the company are William's wife and son, Jean and Michael, as well as four other staff members. Jean is company secretary and Michael is the company's network administrator.

The images below show three examples of the fifteen race car designs of William Longley which were built by Maxperenco Products and VEDCO Limited in the late sixties and early seventies.

Dulon LD8 Dulon LD4C Dulon LD6GT

Summary of Major Contracts

Corporation Products provided
AGI Log probes, (naval speed sensor)
AGI/CAA Fog Detector Housings
Bowler & Sons Industrial liquid containers
Bristol Aerospace Canada VINDICATOR, complete airframes
Cranfield Aerospace CSV20, Observer and MinO Surviellance Aircraft
Cranfield University Concept Aircraft
Divex Specialist Diving Equipment
Flight Refuelling Drone aircraft & parts; RAVEN I & II, SEAFLY, SNIPE 4/5, 15, 23
MOD ARE Drone aircraft
MOD RAE & DRA Drone aircraft & parts; X-RAE-I, X-RAE II, X-RAE-I / series 4
NATO Belgian Army Custom-built Target Launchers
Plessey Harrassment drone prototypes, Experimental research structures
Short Brothers Drone aircraft parts; complete SKEET, + prototype assemblies
Siemens & Roke Manor Research MAV & Experimental UMA
Thorn/EMI/MOD Navy Armoured collapsable sentry box
UAV Engines Ltd Space Frame Engine Mount Assemblies, Prototype Composite Mouldings

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